I believe the best testimonial comes directly from the people I've worked with.

Here are some of my clients comments:

"Eileen has magic hands.  Each session is different and marvelous" JC

"I can depend on Eileen being there for me and supporting me as I go through my healing journey." EW

"This is the best massage that I have ever had and I have had over 500 massages" CH

"Eileen really knows her anatomy and physiology as well as understands my energy system." SK

" I am always interested in knowing what messages come through for me during our session." GP

"I knew from the moment she put her hands on me that she was a healer" GH

"She is the good witch (healing woman) on Merlin Court" MG

" My spirit and body feels renewed. She conducts the energy like a maestro conducts the orchestra." JS