Energy Work

imageWhat is Energy Work?
I am a facilitator of light and sound in the Energy Field and Spiritual Healing modalities. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist (#4856) since 1994 and a Reiki Master since 2008. I work with your subtle energy field.  Everything is energy and the vibrational quality can be tuned, like an instrument.

 Working with your "angel wings" helps support you in focusing on your inner light and spirit; as a Reiki Master I recognize energy patterns and connect with the energy field. We work together to facilitate your connection with your own spirit on a deeper level as you connect with and experience the physical body you live in. We tune your energy field to vibrate in a more harmonious manner.

Channeling information from guides and angels; often through tones, song and words and Light Language allows you to answer your questions and inform your journey.  I dance with the subtle energy field that goes beyond the physical and incorporates the physical and non-physical in the healing process. We are joyful beings in a quantum universe.  I work with you in a manner to bridge both the physical and non-physical worlds encouraging you to dream your world into being.

In a safe environment I invite you to open your heart and experience your own authentic journey into transformation and full awareness of yourself as a human and spiritual being.