Living in Balance

Dear Clients & Friends,

As seasons move into seasons and year gives way to year, we feel the shift and transition of the weather and the living awakening plants and beings around us. With each full moon and new moon we feel more deeply the movement and vitality of the earth and our connection to our sacred Mother.  In keeping with my training in shamanism I embrace being in right relationship with all living beings, and seek to be in balance in all areas of my life; Body, Mind and Soul.  I practice the art of subtle energy healing modalities as well as therapeutic traditional Swedish and energetic massage and do readings, tonings and channelings.

 We are all on a journey of some kind and as I celebrate and connect more fully with life and open heartedness on the physical level, I am increasingly aware of staying in balance on the emotional and spiritual level as well. This mindful attention takes practice!  May your journey be a time of opening your heart, awakening and balancing your body/soul as you embrace your journey.

This is an exciting time of being in the energy flow and stepping out of time and into timelessness as we embrace the new energy shift and emerge into the new paradigm.  Often sessions will be based on the current energy flow between the client and myself and in the moment, thus much growth and awareness can happen in this Shamanic fluidity of energy exchange.  May you step into this place of bliss and timelessness as you walk your journey.

My next  Reiki class will be in JULY 2017.  A First Degree class held in a two-day weekend format, Sat and Sun. July 15,16.  The cost of this class is $220.  Saturday 1-5 and Sunday 12-6.  If you are interested in this class or in one in the future, please call me, or contact me through this website.  See my class information page for more information. Pre-registration is required.

In Love, Light & Joy,