Energy & Massage

I am more than a licensed massage therapist...
I am a facilitator of light in the Energy Field and Spiritual Healing modalities and have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1994. I hold a Bachelors Degree from Willamette University.  I have studied Intercultural Communications at the graduate level and I am a business owner, writer and teacher.  I have held managerial and administrative positions prior to establishing Desert Rose Massage and Reiki.  I am an ordained Minister and Spiritual mentor.

I work with your "angel wings" and support you in focusing on your inner light and spirit.  As a Reiki Master I recognize energy patterns and connect with the energy fields and flows of the physical and energetic body.  I facilitate your connection with your own spirit on a deeper level as you connect with and understand the physical body you live in.

I channel information from guides and angels in tones, song and words to uplift and inform your questions and your journey.  I work with the subtle energy field that goes beyond the physical and incorporates the physical and non-physical presence and spirit of healing. We are joyful beings in a quantum universe.  I work with you in a manner to bridge both the physical and non-physical worlds encouraging you to dream your world into being.

In a safe environment I invite you to open your heart and experience your own authentic journey into transformation and full awareness of yourself as a unified human and spiritual being.